Friday, February 12, 2021

Compassion of God (Gn 3:9-24, Mk 8: 1-10)

Gn 3:9-24, Mk 8: 1-10

Both the readings speak about the compassion of God. 

When we sin we feel ashamed and afraid as felt by Adam and Eve. Even if we disobey His commandments and sin, He neither punishes nor leaves us alone. Instead he shows compassion when we acknowledge our sins. Instead of blaming one another, God teaches them to accept and take up the responsibility of their own mistake. At the end part of the reading we heard, God made for them garment of skin to cover up their shamefulness caused by sin. So also he forgives us and gives us new life, gives us opportunity to live the life a new, meaningfully. God is compassionate.

In the Gospel Jesus shows his compassion for the people who came to listen to him. He says they are with me since three days and have no food, if I send them away they will faint on the way. A compassionate heart can feel the pain of others.

From both the readings we are invited today to be compassionate like God.

Today we reflect upon;  Am I compassionate towards those who commit mistakes?

May God help us to be compassionate. Amen

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