Wednesday, May 9, 2018



If the world is a machine then I cannot be an extra part of it... Film Hugo
Dear friends everything has got purpose under the Sun. One tries to find purpose in life and meets only dejection, frustration, rejection and what all negative in life. And if he compares his life with other person he feels out of place on earth. His life becomes like fish out of water, ready to die, quite from life.
Just believe…you are not an extra part of  this world. You have come to play your role on earth. Never leave your work undone.
To live this life meaningfully and happily we may not have hundreds of purposes but only one… if you know the only purpose of your life…it's like drop of water to a thirsty man.

Thank you.

Monday, May 7, 2018


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I am Ankint K. I want to share you one of my childhood experience on paying heed to the advice of elders. Hope you will get lesion from my childhood experience and learn from me.
It is said an advice of elder is the sign post on the road. If we follow their advice surly we will reach our goal.  I have my elder brother name Johnson. He is very good in studies. He gets first in the class always. But it was my feeling that I am more intelligent than him. So I was not studying much at home. He always tried to make me understand  saying “ brother Ankit, please don’t study for exam but study it for your knowledge. Every book is filled with knowledge. Feel happy and read them. And surly you will get first in the class like me.”
I never listened to what he said. I was feeling he is speaking non sense. I used to study hard for exams. I used to memories the answers but without understanding. Once during my exam we had quarrel with my brother about cycle. We fought in the absent of our parents. My brother did not give me cycle he went to move. I went school with angry mood. I had to appear exam on English. Every answers from my memory was gone. I did not know what to write in the exam. I could not even remember any answer properly.
There I remembered by brothers advice which he said me once, understand the subject matters well. study for knowledge and surly you will succeed. I regretted for not listening to him. If would have had listened to him surly I could have attended all the question.
When I was back to home I met my brother and said if I would have listed to you from the begging surly I could have written good exam today. Thanks for your advice. Hence forth I am not going to study for exam but for my life.
From that time I started studying for my life and know even if I don’t get first in the class but I get satisfied with my performance.  
Dear friends this is one of my childhood experience that has helped me to learn the subject matter well. I appeal please  always heed the advice of elders no matter how small their advice might be, their advice is the sign post on our road of success. Thank you.

Sunday, May 6, 2018



India is our mother land. We are born on her lap. We all are her children. She is our mother we hail her.

She gives us all equal opportunity to grow. in front of her there is no discrimination regarding black and white, high cast and low cast, rich and poor and on religion whether we are Shikh or Muslim, Hindu or Christians we all are her children. Therefore we are all called Indian.

Today our mother land is wounded, and crying for our indiscipline, insincerity, injustice and selfishness. Today she is begging from her children to learn equality, justice, fraternity from her.
Being her children Lets live like one family where there will be love and care for each other and make this motherland a beautiful place to live in.

Thank you

Saturday, May 5, 2018



Dear friends today before I speak on my topic, I would like to put a question before you. Answer it only for yourself.
Do two wrong make a right?  I tell you my opinion on this. Mathematically when we multiply a negative by a negative we get a positive because two negative signs are canceled. It’s always true in mathematics but sometimes in ethics or sociology.
We live in society. This phrase is commonly used to discourage revenge and retaliation; if some wrong is done to you cannot correct that action with a reaction. That only feeds the flame.
On the other hand two wrong make a right. killing and stabbing both are negative. If someone comes to kill me and in order to protect my life I stab him and manage to escape then it is bringing positive result for me.

Dear friends for me living on this statement TWO WRONG NEVER MAKE A RIGHT is confusing.  If you want to live a happy life follow the golden rule “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE UNTO YOU” thank you.

Friday, May 4, 2018

"Love the nature and nature will teach you to live"

"Love the nature and nature will teach you to live"

Everyone has purpose on earth. After the purpose is fulfilled we are called back. The dry and dead tree is the symbol of end of life on earth. Everyone has to go through this. So we should not be ever crying and worried about our death or should not be afraid.
Fruits: - there are trees which produces fruits and others not. Yet they have existence. They grow happily. In the same way our human societies all so there are disabled we should not undermine their presence rather care for them. When we are productive, fruits have to be shared like palm tree making its fruit fall for others to enjoy. It does not hold it till it becomes useless. We should be sharing what is with us, our talents, qualities and the property with the needy.
Welcoming in nature: - They give place for everything, birds of different kind sit on the tree, spider also makes its trap on it. There is a perfect harmony in the creation. There is no fight for existence. Every tree, bush, shrubs have their own place to grow. They do not get disturbed by others.
Unity and caring in nature: birds . do not store. Depend of creator. One who has given teeth surely will provide him/her to eat. They are not selfish when trouble comes. They signal and go away. They live in present not in future or past.

We should also live in present. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018



Dear friends, we all of us want to achieve something and be successful in life and above all we want to be good person in life. But do you know the secret of becoming good? It is positive attitude towards self and others.
It is said that the way we think we act, or our action is the reflection of our thought. Positive thinking effects in positive action and negative thinking effects in negative action. Dr. Abdul Kalam said, “Dream, Dream, Dream, Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.  Thought or thinking plays a vital role in our life. Think positive about yourself. But keep in mind, doing wrong and thinking positive about self is always wrong.

Let’s cultivate the quality of positive thinking and be sure you will be a good person in life.

Thank you
Fr. Gulshan Ekka

Doing the right thing at the right time

Doing the right thing at the right time

(Stitch in time saves nine)

I would like to elaborate my topic with an example.
All of us have come across the dirty roads, garbage, sewage which has bad smell. It is a problem for our body. We all cover our nose and try to go away from that place as soon as possible.
We have also experience that if we remain for a while in that place it does not smell. The problem becomes part of our life. Then problem is no longer a problem for us. But it affects us later.
Therefore whenever we meet with any problem we should immediately solve the problem. It’s said, stitch in time saves nine.
If there is little torn in your shirts or pants then stitch it
If there is little wound on your body then heal it
If there is little problem within friends/family then solve it
“PROBLEM” is problem; we should not compromise with it, treat or heal, do the right thing at right time.

If we compromise problem is no longer a problem it’s a part of our life.