Friday, May 4, 2018

"Love the nature and nature will teach you to live"

"Love the nature and nature will teach you to live"

Everyone has purpose on earth. After the purpose is fulfilled we are called back. The dry and dead tree is the symbol of end of life on earth. Everyone has to go through this. So we should not be ever crying and worried about our death or should not be afraid.
Fruits: - there are trees which produces fruits and others not. Yet they have existence. They grow happily. In the same way our human societies all so there are disabled we should not undermine their presence rather care for them. When we are productive, fruits have to be shared like palm tree making its fruit fall for others to enjoy. It does not hold it till it becomes useless. We should be sharing what is with us, our talents, qualities and the property with the needy.
Welcoming in nature: - They give place for everything, birds of different kind sit on the tree, spider also makes its trap on it. There is a perfect harmony in the creation. There is no fight for existence. Every tree, bush, shrubs have their own place to grow. They do not get disturbed by others.
Unity and caring in nature: birds . do not store. Depend of creator. One who has given teeth surely will provide him/her to eat. They are not selfish when trouble comes. They signal and go away. They live in present not in future or past.

We should also live in present. 

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