Monday, May 7, 2018


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I am Ankint K. I want to share you one of my childhood experience on paying heed to the advice of elders. Hope you will get lesion from my childhood experience and learn from me.
It is said an advice of elder is the sign post on the road. If we follow their advice surly we will reach our goal.  I have my elder brother name Johnson. He is very good in studies. He gets first in the class always. But it was my feeling that I am more intelligent than him. So I was not studying much at home. He always tried to make me understand  saying “ brother Ankit, please don’t study for exam but study it for your knowledge. Every book is filled with knowledge. Feel happy and read them. And surly you will get first in the class like me.”
I never listened to what he said. I was feeling he is speaking non sense. I used to study hard for exams. I used to memories the answers but without understanding. Once during my exam we had quarrel with my brother about cycle. We fought in the absent of our parents. My brother did not give me cycle he went to move. I went school with angry mood. I had to appear exam on English. Every answers from my memory was gone. I did not know what to write in the exam. I could not even remember any answer properly.
There I remembered by brothers advice which he said me once, understand the subject matters well. study for knowledge and surly you will succeed. I regretted for not listening to him. If would have had listened to him surly I could have attended all the question.
When I was back to home I met my brother and said if I would have listed to you from the begging surly I could have written good exam today. Thanks for your advice. Hence forth I am not going to study for exam but for my life.
From that time I started studying for my life and know even if I don’t get first in the class but I get satisfied with my performance.  
Dear friends this is one of my childhood experience that has helped me to learn the subject matter well. I appeal please  always heed the advice of elders no matter how small their advice might be, their advice is the sign post on our road of success. Thank you.

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