Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The feast of St. Jerom, Ignorance of the Scripture is ignorance of Christ


Today the catholic church remembers St Jerom, a confessor and doctor of the Church. He was born in yugoslovia in the year 341 and died on 30th September 420. He studied in Rome and then travelled for years in a passionate search for Kowgledge.

After his ordination in he went to Rome and served the pope for five years as secretary and revised the Bible. He translated some of the books of old testament newly from Hebrew and Aramic.

1. These are some of his sayings: the reading of Holy Scriptures should follow upon prayer and prayer in turn should follow reading."

2. Ignorance of the Scripture is ignorance of Christ.

3. Always be doing something, so that whether God or the devil comes to you, you may be found with your hands full.

Today as we remember him we ask though his intersession that we may have interest in reading the bible so to know Jesus more in our life for whom we have dedicated our whole life.

In order to participate worthily in this Holy Eucharist we ask pardon from God for our sins.


Dear Friends after listening to the readings of today we can reflect upon our lives and ask, do I make any excuse to fulfill the will of God. We all of us are working for one cause that is to establish kingdom of God. Without prayer and meditation our focus seems to be deeming. We forget who and what we are. We are just like the man who is ploughing the field looking behind.

Though this holy Eucharist we ask the grace of God that we will be faithful in establishing the kingdom of God where ever we are.

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